Bobbi’s Brownie troupe in Pennsylvania was asked to audition for the local Retirement Home Tour of The Little Lost Girl — she won the title role! Since that joyful commencement, she graduated with her BA in Theatre from Penn State, studied in the masters directing program at Villanova University, earned her teacher certification, and moved to the Northwest. More trees, birds, mountains, and sky, please.

Bobbi has garnered awards, reviews, and downright enthusiasm for her unique and detailed portrayals of new and classic characters. A role she originated in the original musical, Iron Curtain, at Village Theatre in Issaquah, took her Off-Broadway. The New York Times called her “Uproarious” in the role of the German Director Dominatrix, Hildret Heinz. She was glad to be mentioned in this important paper and it was lovely to spend time on the east coast with her family.


She has also done film, radio, television, and an inordinate amount of theatre — examples of which can be found all over this website.


Bobbi believes in enjoying life. Such as...

Memories of listening to Sunday radio dramas with her Dad.

Reading poetry or a good book.

Binge watching favorites.


Enjoying wild birds feasting at their feeders & splash garden.

Cooking & sharing a meal.

Game night.


Visiting and traveling with family.

Making her Mom laugh.


For Mom - Love, Bobbi
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